The label Christina Seewald © stands for finesse and quality but also wants to provoke at the same time. 

Through the fusion of fine fibers and perfected tailoring, the label addresses contemporary knitwear with a new, radical look at current topics and problems. The combination of traditional approach and modern knitting is the focus. Christina Seewald® places emphasis on sustainability within the production and works with high-quality textiles. 

Smart cuts and various knitting techniques as well as the visualisation of social conflicts influence the work. The brand refers to topics that are socio-politically relevant especially in the lives of FLINTA*. The label does not exclusively refer to gender equality in general, but also to the enormous difference between female and male sexuality. 

The interplay of fragility and self-determination is in the foreground, which is embodied as a symbiosis in the label Christina Seewald®.